Orange wine from Viteadovest, Marsala Sicily. Grillo + Catarratto with 15 days of maceration on the skins, 18 months on the lees in Inox. 40 year old vines from Petrosino with a clay soil.


Vincenzo owns 5 hectares of up to 100 year old vines. He uses the Albarello method, so bush vines. He has very low yields and the vines are actually under water in the winter. Last year he is certified organic. 

Viteadovest - Bianco

€ 16,50Prijs
  • 2019
    Grillo & Catarratto 15 days skin contact
    13% alc.
    Funky level: ***


1056HJ Amsterdam


Kvk: 73542199

VAT: NL.001124627.B89

IBAN: NL59KNAB0256298742

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