Muke comes from a special, old vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon that Vincenzo from Viteadovest never used. The grapes were old, dry and didn’t give a lot of color. When we asked him to produce a light red wine, this was the perfect solution for these unused vines. He picked the grapes of the Cabernet Sauvignon, didn’t let it macerate so long on the skins and bottled it. So it’s light, it’s juicy, it’s fresh. Drink a bit chilled!



Viteadovest - Muke

€ 15,50Prijs
  • 2019
    Cabernet sauvignon
    Funky level: ***


1056HJ Amsterdam


Kvk: 73542199

VAT: NL.001124627.B89

IBAN: NL59KNAB0256298742

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