Blauschiefer Riesling trocken by Stein, made in collaboration with Philip Lardot. A fresh, dry Riesling with a super good minerality coming from the steep hills of blue slate which you can taste back in the wine. It was a warm year in the Mosel, but this wine still has kept it's very good acidity, low alcohol percentage and crispiness. Pear and peach flavors and a touch of sweetness in the end.



Stein & Philip Lardot - Blauschiefer

€ 12,45Prijs
  • 2018
    11,5% vol.
    75 cl.
    Funky level: *


1056HJ Amsterdam


Kvk: 73542199

VAT: NL.001124627.B89

IBAN: NL59KNAB0256298742

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