Pét nat Rosé from Microbio wines, Nieva. 90% is Tempranillo, 10% Verdejo. Aged for a few months in the bottle on the fine lees before disgorgement. Then completed with dry wine from the same lot.


As Ismael says himself: Now just a little excuse is missing to open one of these bottles and they will make magic of that moment!


Microbio Wines, by Ismael Gozalo is a small winery from Nieva, Segovia Castilla y Leon, Spain. In 1998 Ismael started to develop his first wines apart from the old family winery. He quickly realized that he wanted to work organic. Based on ancestral knowledge they create authentic wines with soul. Ecological agriculture and biosynergies make them create wines with their own personality, without losing the varietal character and without masking the fruit. They work with very low intervention, knowing that good wine is made in the vineyard. With respect for the soil and the balance between soil, plant, fruit and wine. 

Microbio Wines - Nieva York

€ 20,00Prijs
  • 2018
    Tempranillo, Verdejo
    Funky level: ***


1056HJ Amsterdam



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