L'appat du grain, 65% Carignan from granite soils, 25% Mourvèdre from schistes. The Carignan has 20 days of carbonic maceration, the Mourvedre 15 days. Typical French vin nature, with a lot of fruit, a dark color but a light body. 


Luc Devot from Le débit d'Ivresse is a new wine maker from Estagel, nearby Perpigan in the south of France. He makes low or sulphur free, natural wines from his own organic vineyards or from grapes of negociants. This is his first vintage. 

Le Debit D'Ivresse - L'appat du grain

€ 14,80Prijs
  • 2018
    Carignan, Mourvedre
    Funky level: ***


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