What a classic. An Americano is a traditonal bitter aperitif, from Piemonte. Drinks like a Vermouth, slightly more bitter. This one is based on Grignolino grapes from his niece, Nadia at Cascina Tavijn. Blended with wormwood, orange skin, gentiana root and a bunch of dry Italian herbs. Drink it on ice before, after or during dinner. Very low quantities!



Mauro Vergano has always been working with flavors and aromas, as he used to work as a chemist at a big pharmaceutical company in Italy. He always made his friends happy, with home made drinks like Vermouth and Chinato. Nowadays, he makes small quantities of aromatized drinks to sell, like Chinato, Vermouth and Americano. Wines, that have been uplifted with herbs and spices. Always made of local grape varieties like Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Moscato. Mauro adds wormwood, some sugar, alcohol and other botanicals to create these special drinks. Very good to enjoy pre, in between or after dinner. 


Chinati Vergano - Americano MAGNUM

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