100% Grenache from the brothers Chapuis. 40 year old vines coming from the Cote du Rhone village Sabran. 7 days of maceration full grapes then 5 months in barrel. 10 mg SO2 added. It has a very fine texture with red fruit, ripe fruit but a fresh finish and well in balance with the acidity and alcohol.


The Chapuis brothers Romain and Guillaume own a very small winery in the heart of Pommard, Burgundy. After growing up in Aloxe-Corton, Romain was lucky enough to learn at the famous natural wine producer Pacalet. In 2009 they started their own estate in the expensive area of Pommard. Like a lot of producers to nowadays, they search for good organic grapes and vines from befriended wine makers in the area. They select the vineyards with the most care, to create the best quality of wines. 

Chapuis frères - Grenat

€ 16,00Prijs
  • 2017
    14% alc.
    Funky level: **


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