1 liter of Orange Falanghina by Calcarius. Spontaneaous fermentation with long maceration on the skins for 7 days in open vats with manual breaking of the hat, unfiltered. This is an orange you can share with friends, it's easy to drink with a good minerality, fresh acidity and low alcohol, only 11%. No harsh bitters or tannins, just juice. 


Calcarius is a project of Valentina Passalacqua and Danilo Marcucci, started in 2017 in the Gargano area, Apricena in Puglia. Valentina has been the leading biodynamics practicer in Puglia since 2000, with up to 80 hectares of vines, fruit and vegetables. A small selection of that has been selected because of it's soil with a very high calcium content with calcareous rocks. 

Calcarius - OrangePuglia

€ 19,50Prijs
  • 2018
    Falanghina 7 days skin contact
    1 liter
    Funky level: ***



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