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Winestories box

The wines in your box this month: 

3 bottles: 

Mirco Mariotti - Set e mez
Finally, the new vintage is back from this summer juicy bubble. A bit more red than last year, this is one happy wine. Festive bubble with notes of cassis and strawberries, made of 100% Fortana in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Enjoy in the sun!

Alchimia - Quarto Vuoto

This is 100% Trebbiano but certainly not a boring wine! Nice and light in alcohol, no skin contact but still body. Clearly unfiltered. Very mineral and then nice and fruity, even floral and juicy. Matteo Cacciagrano makes beautiful wines from Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Passerina.. He knows what he is doing because for a long time he has been surrounded by some natural wine wizards such as the Brutal wine cooperation founders.. First gained experience in his garage, but since a few years now 100% winemaker . and how! They are all wild, but very drinkable. From Abruzzo! 

Jan Klein - Little red riding wolf
Spatburgunder at it's happiest. This is one juicy Pinot from Mosel in Germany. Earthy, cherries.. Pressed and kept for 18 months in 1000 liter oak barrels. It has a great acidity and so much fruit, delicious. 


6 bottles: 

Du vin aux Liens - Le Gamay du Matin
Wild Gamay made by Vanessa from Du vin aux liens, from the parcel of Sons of Wine in Lorraine. What a surprise! it's light in structure but then so much fruit and herbs. 2 weeks with whole clusters fermentation and ages in barrique. 

Microbio Wines - La banda
Another delicious Verdejo from the Verdejo wizard Ismael Gozalo, Segovia Spain. This time, mineral, crisp, tropical fruit and clean. This is one of those whites that everyone enjoys. 

Sette - Grignolino
Special, the Grignolino grape. They call it the Poulsard from North Italy... it has the same structure, body, fruit. It's a very special grape variety that doesn't give too much colour but what an aroma. Strawberries, cherries and an angels kiss in spring.... with a hint of salmiak and thyme from Piemonte!


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