Bestevâerstraat 77H

1056HJ Amsterdam


Kvk: 73542199

VAT: NL.019444680.B01

IBAN: NL59KNAB0256298742

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isn’t a classical winery. It’s a ‘new’ winery with traditional standards. It stands for everything that makes wine for what it is. Three passionated winemakers that spend a lot of time and love to the vines. Started in January 2015 by Richard Artner, Alex Kagl and Luka Zeichmann. Back then without a cellar, tractor or other machines to start making wine with but they had 3 scissors and some rubber boots. And vines. 


At this moment they have their cellar in the small town of Joïs, with 5,5 hectares of vineyards on limestone and shale soils. It’s at the foot of the Leitha mountain with stunning views of the lake. Which of course, you can taste back in their wines. They are passionate about producing wines as authentic as possible, they are just the tool. This way they create wines with their own individual character and their own unique expression of the area. And of course, everything is organic.