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Subscription wines

The wines in your box this month: 

3 bottles: 

Du vin aux liens - J'Hallucine

Super bubble made of Pineau d'Aunis. A local grape variety in Loire valley that is always special, with nice fruit and spices. Delicious fresh rose, light strawberry juice. 

Viteadovest - Vurgo

Subtle white wine from near Marsala, Sicily. A few days of skin contact, which gives it that little bit of extra power. Made from Grillo and Cataratto. Mineral, fruit, tasty! 

Andert - Personalgetranck
When they lost the entire crop to frost in 2016, the second shoot returned with 10% of the regular crop. So they had to be creative. So they filled a barrique with half Ruländer and half Zweigelt. It was crazy. They decided to make a similar blend in 2017 and so on. Year 2020 meanwhile. This vintage is 30% Gemischter Satz - field blend - the other part is Zweigelt. Nice acidity, fresh fruity aftertaste. Serve it chilled. 
 6 bottles: 

Partida Creus - BN 
Blanco Natural is 90% Macabeu and 10% Cartoixa Vermell. The old Catalan grape variety Xarello Rojo, which gives just a little bit of a pinkish, bronze color to the wine. Perfect for the wild natural wine lover, due to flavors of orange blossom, spices and earthiness. 

Calcarius - ROZ
Rosato by Valentina Passalacqua. Roz is made of Nero di Troia and Aleatico, both local from Puglia. Super light red or a dark rose, you name it. Mineral wine with red forest fruit, serve it chilled!

Stein weine - Blauschiefer
Beautiful Riesling by Ulli Stein, fresh, fruity and mineral, through the steep slopes of the Moselle strewn with slate 'Blauschiefer'. Delicious for everyone, at any occasion. Just really good. 


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