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Winestories box

The wines in your box this month: 

3 bottles: 

Andert Wein - Vom krumel

Special wine from the Andert brothers. The Zweigelt comes from an abandoned vineyard in Pamhagen, which has not been used for more than 7 years. So really a jungle. Not sprayed, harvested etc. The grapes are eaten by the birds every year. Erich and Michael heard about this and bought the grapes, enough for 500 liters of wine. Hand-picked, foot-pressed and fermented with whole clusters so carbonic. 100% Zweigelt, light and high in acidity but with structure. Nice juice!

I Castagnucoli - Glera

100% Glera. You don't see that often. Nicola's vineyards are full of it and he certainly doesn't make prosecco out of it! A beautiful wild, aromatic and fresh-sour wine. Cloudy! 

Keltis - Mario Rose

Super soft rose bubble from Slovenia, strawberries, rose water, berries. Made out of Pinot noir and Chardonnay! Nice bubbly pet nat. Very elegant.

6 bottles: 

Sons of Wine - Gamay davidson
Yesss he's back! Gamay davidson, what a party. No super juice like the bojo nouveau he also makes, but a real fuller Gamay with fruit and spices. Delicious. 

SETE - Sabbia

Sabbia.. 2 days of skin contact to give the wine a little more body, furthermore a fuller white wine than orange. Fresh, aromatic, mineral and zesty. Yummy!

Progetto S.E.T.E, natural wines from restored vineyards in Lazio, Italy. Sete is a social project, born in 2013 with the aim of saving and restoring the vineyards in the area around Priverno. They give a second life to the vineyards and make juicy, 'thirst quenching' natural wines in harmony with nature. Without added sulfites and always unfiltered.

Calcarius - Troiabomb
Rose made from Nero di Troia and Bombino bianco. Cool blend that gives a candy cane red color, tastes like cranberries, candy cane and unripe strawberries. Bring on that spring!


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